Who am I?

Personal Details

  • Name: Tomasz Banasiak
  • Date of birth: January 6, 1989
  • Location: Wroclaw, Poland
  • Phone: 0048 601 596 014
  • Email: tomasz@banasiak.pro

Proffesional Profile

A young, successful and highly professional application developer with lots of passion and project management expertise who enjoys being part of, as well as leading, a creative and productive team. Well-organized, aiming straight for the objective. Highly experienced in many aspects of IT, including application development, UI experience, optimalization, SEO+SEM and social media.

Highly professional developer

Over seven years of commercial experience

Effective co-worker

Perfectly fit for agile development teams

Real IT passionate!

I really love what I do!

My Professional Background

Work Experience

2014 May - Present

RST sp. z o.o. sp. k.

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PHP/JS Backend Developer

RST is a company which creates one of leading software solutions for transport industry - Trans.eu system. Application is used by approximately 60k users and 100k offers every day. It is really nice challenge to co-create such a large application.

As a developer i'am responsible for:
  • Create and maintain PHP-based backend for web application
  • Create and maintain Node.js-based server for web messenger
  • Maintain Jenkins deployment jobs

2012 February - 2014April

Red-Sky Sp. z o.o.

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Software Developer

I worked as software developer in few projects aimed at the world market. I was responsible for creating app backends, browser extensions and deploy scripts.

Some projects in which I participated:
  • Filemonetizer.com - Website monetization service. Build on top of Symfony2 and MongoDB
  • SoftFinder.com - Large software catalog. Build using Zend, Sphinx and MySQL
  • SkyGamers.com - Online games catalog. Technologies used: Zend, MySQL, Python
  • ShinyBox.pl - Polish beauty-box subscription website for women based on Zend Framework and MySQL

2012 April - Present

Nexo IT

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Owner, Software Developer

I run a small company in the IT industry. I've created few commercial sites and mobile apps for business customers.

Example projects:

2009 April - 2012January


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CRM/CMS developer, database designer

I was responsible for designing and maintaining CMS, CRM and e-commerce systems, linux server administration. I was preparing project workflow outlines, draft & final solution proposals, timing estimate and assessing risk & security requirements. I designed and implemented complex storage & processing backends for our sites, including video conversion using ffmpeg and external services such as Amazon S3.

Some projects in which I participated:

2006 Feburary - 2012March


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Owner, WebDeveloper

As a freelancer I was designing and creating own e-commerce and CRM solutions for customers. I also offered SEO & SEM optimalization and individual hosting solutions for my clients.

In 2012 I renamed my company to Nexo Internet Services

Some completed projects:
  • PokazSie.net - Social Portal which was my small personal success, i've developed it when I was 16yo, it was used by about 10k UU every month
  • Wachonska.pl - Local DJ Website
  • vXcProgramming - Small programming forum/website

What I’m best at

Skills & Knowledge

Programming languages

PHP 90%
JavaScript 85%
HTML5/CSS3 75%
SQL 75%
Bash Scripting 60%


Symfony2 90%
Zend Framework 85%
jQuery 82%
Angular.js 75%
Require.js 75%


GIT/SVN version control 95%
MySQL 88%
Redis/Memcache 85%
Linux Administration 55%
Phone Gap/Cordova 67%

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